Why Choose Us

Automate your taxi/chauffeur business with our cloud based technology. Most comprehensive & economical dispatch system.

Cost Effective

Optimise your time and money with real-time automated booking and dispatch software.

Cloud-Based System

Access all our software remotely, providing you and your business with total flexibility.

Personal Touch

Experience customization to meet all your business's needs.

Customizable System

Easily Customize our software to the unique specifications of your business.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager to all our clients, available at all times to help.

Seamless Booking Options for Your Convenience

Discover the effortless ways to book a taxi using our TAXI DISPATCH SOFTWARE, providing multiple channels for your convenience:

User-Friendly Website Booking

Easily book your taxi through our user-friendly website. Log in, enter your destination, and choose your vehicle preferences for a quick and efficient booking experience.

Convenient Call Booking

Would you prefer a personal touch? Dial our dedicated booking hotline, and our friendly operators will assist you promptly in securing a taxi. Experience the convenience of speaking directly with our service team.

Efficient Mobile App Booking

Download our intuitive mobile app for on-the-go bookings with tbms driver app. Enjoy the convenience of booking a taxi from your smartphone, with real-time updates and a seamless interface.

Booking via Email

For those who prefer written communication, book a taxi via email. Send your booking details to our designated email address, and our system will process your request promptly.

Dispatch Software

SMS Booking Option

Simplify the process with SMS booking. Please send a text message with your pickup location, destination, and preferences, and our system will confirm your booking without needing a call.

Automated IVR System

Navigate our Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for quick bookings. Follow the prompts, input your details, and secure a taxi without human intervention.

Online Booking Portal

Access our dedicated online booking portal for a comprehensive experience. Input your details, track your bookings, and manage preferences through this secure and user-friendly platform.

Integration with Business Tools

Seamlessly integrate taxi bookings into your daily operations with our software's compatibility with business tools through taxi management system. Connect with email clients, calendar apps, and more.