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Facilitating and Providing Rides is Simplified through Our Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch Software UAE, Enabling Convenient Remote Management.

Welcome to TBMS Live, the best place in the UAE to find state-of-the-art taxi dispatch software. With unparalleled efficiency and creativity, we at TBMS Live are transforming the taxi industry and giving drivers and operators unprecedented control. Our extensive toolkit is made to simplify every facet of taxi dispatch, from automatic scheduling to real-time tracking, guaranteeing smooth operations every day. You can beat the competition by boosting customer happiness, reducing wait times, and optimizing routes with Cab dispatch software.

TBMS Live is unique because of our dedication to innovation. We constantly use the most recent technological developments to improve our software, giving you the resources you need to succeed in a quickly changing market. Our solutions, ranging from AI-powered dispatch algorithms to user-friendly driver interfaces, are designed to address the UAE market's demands.

With Cab dispatch software by your side, you can drive with assurance. Become one of the many contented users who have witnessed the software's transformational potential. TBMS Live is your reliable partner for success, regardless of the size of your fleet or business in the cutthroat taxi services industry. With TBMS Live, enjoy unparalleled creativity and efficiency. Start now to take your taxi business to new heights.

The Way TBMS LIVE Advances Your Dubai Enterprise with its taxi base management system

With the cutting-edge taxi base management system from TBMS LIVE, you can realize the full potential of your Dubai business. At TBMS LIVE, we know the particular requirements of the Dubai market, and our cutting-edge software is designed to advance your company with unmatched efficacy and efficiency. Our taxi base management system has been painstakingly designed to maximize all facets of your business operations. With TBMS LIVE, you can automate dispatching and manage your whole fleet, saving costs and improving customer satisfaction. Utilizing progressed steering calculations and constant following, TBMS LIVE guarantees your fleet runs as proficiently as possible, eliminating standby times and expanding driver efficiency. Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you access to significant bits of knowledge, allowing you to stay ahead of the opposition and use sound judgment.

Taxi Dispatch Software  UAE

TBMS LIVE is unique because of our steadfast dedication to innovation. We update our software often to reflect the most recent technological developments, keeping your business at the forefront of its field. Discover the impact TBMS LIVE may have on your Dubai business. Become one of the many pleased customers who have improved their companies with our taxi base management solution. For success in the fast-paced Dubai market, TBMS LIVE is your reliable partner, regardless of the size of your fleet or operation.

Utilize Cab dispatch software to propel your business to new heights. Take the first step now to explore the countless opportunities for development and effectiveness.

Why Choose Software for Taxi Dispatch?

Selecting the appropriate taxi dispatch software is essential to the prosperity and effectiveness of your enterprise. TBMS LIVE is the best option for the following reasons:

  • Unrivaled Productivity:

    From programmed booking to ongoing following, TBMS LIVE is made to improve on each feature of taxi dispatch. Our product guarantees your armada runs as effectively as conceivable by advancing courses, decreasing standby times, and expanding driver efficiency.
  • Creative Innovation:

    Cab dispatch software offers cutting-edge arrangements that keep you one stride ahead of the opposition by using the latest mechanical leap forward. TBMS LIVE leads the taxi business in development, offering simple-to-utilize driver connection points and dispatch calculations driven by computerized reasoning.
  • Proven Track Record:

    TBMS LIVE is a reliable option for taxi dispatch software because of its track record of accomplishments and happy customers. Boost your company's performance by joining the groups of companies that have already benefited from our solutions' revolutionary potential. Make the confident decision to use TBMS LIVE as your cab dispatch software and move forward. Take advantage of unparalleled innovation, efficiency, and support as you grow your company.
  • All-inclusive Support:

    Your success is our priority at TBMS LIVE. To guarantee that you get the most out of our product, our team of specialists offers continuous support and direction. We support every stage of the process, from training to implementation.
  • Custom-fitted arrangements:

    We provide versatile answers to fulfill your requests since we perceive each association as unique. TBMS LIVE might be altered to address your issues and advance your profit from the venture, no matter the size of your fleet.

Unlocking Efficiency with Our Cheap Taxi Dispatch System in Dubai

Efficiency is crucial on the busy streets of Dubai, but it can be affordable. Presenting our affordable solution in the form of taxi dispatch systems prices dubai: TBMS LIVE's cheap taxi dispatch system dubai. We have created a solution specific to Dubai's taxi companies' requirements and financial constraints since we recognize the importance of optimizing operations without over budget. Both functionality and quality are uncompromised in our low-cost taxi dispatch system. Even though reasonably priced, it can improve service delivery and streamline operations. Our solution of a taxi management system guarantees that your fleet runs efficiently, reducing wait times and optimizing driver productivity, from automatic dispatching to real-time tracking.

However, affordability is only one factor to consider. Support and dependability are also top priorities of the Cab dispatch system. When you use cheap taxi dispatch system dubai, you get more than just software; you also get a group of professionals devoted to your success. To ensure the best return on your investment,.

Taxi Dispatch Software  UAS

We are available to offer continuous help and direction. Let efficiency not be hindered by expenses. Select our Low-Cost Taxi Dispatch System to enjoy the ideal harmony of support, functionality, and affordability. Proceed with assurance, knowing that you have a reliable ally to assist you in navigating the cutthroat environment of Dubai's taxi sector with deciding on taxi dispatch systems prices Dubai


With the extensive taxi software from tbms dispatch, you can completely transform how you run your taxi company. Here's how our platform can improve passenger experience and revolutionize your operations:

Simple Onboarding:

Using our taxi dispatch system platform is easy. Users may register with just their phone number or email address, and our simple taxi software installation procedure combined with an intuitive UI guarantees drivers a smooth onboarding experience.

Quick Bookings:

Bid farewell to lengthy waits and misplaced reservations with taxi software. Our taxi cab dispatch system software makes it easy for consumers to get a ride whenever needed by providing a smooth, real-time booking experience.

Ride Scheduling:

With TBMS dispatch, you can easily make plans in advance. Our program lets travelers easily plan transportation for later dates, hours, and locations, ensuring they attend all significant occasions.

Ride Specifics:

The taxi cab dispatch system always keeps you updated. As soon as their booking is approved, passengers can access all ride details, including pickup and drop-off times, locations, travel times, and fares.

Simple Payment Options:

Appreciate stress-free exchanges of taxi dispatching system. Our foundation of the Cab dispatch system makes it simple for clients to pay for their outings without issues by giving various installment strategies, like cash or credit/debit cards.

Track Your Ride in Real Time:

A taxi dispatching system monitors your ride in real-time. Our taxi management software offers GPS monitoring and projected arrival time (ETA) for drivers and passengers, ensuring a smooth and practical ride.

Wallet System:

Our integrated Wallet function makes payments simple. With easy integration of payment systems, passengers can pay for their rides with credits or loyalty points.


Take charge of your application with source code and customization. TBMS Live gives you access to the source code of your mobile apps and the Backend Admin Panel, enabling you to customize the platform quickly to meet your specific needs.

Reviews and Ratings:

Comments are essential to the TBMS driver app. Our website allows clients to post ratings, evaluations, and comments after each journey, guaranteeing openness and responsibility in the services rendered.

Introducing Our Special Features for Smooth Travels in Dubai

It takes more than just going from point A to point B to provide excellent cab services in a city as dynamic and fast-paced as Dubai. For this reason, we're excited to provide our collection of exclusive features that will completely change the way you assist your clients. TBMS LIVE aims to improve every facet of the traveler experience, making every trip convenient, safe, and effective with TBMS dispatch.

SOS Button:

Our primary concern of the Cab dispatch system is safety. In an emergency, passengers can discreetly and swiftly signal for assistance with our integrated SOS button, giving drivers and passengers peace of mind.

Fare Estimator:

Openness is essential with the tbms driver app. Our fare estimator gives travelers a precise idea of how much their trip will cost upfront, removing any surprises and guaranteeing reasonable prices for all travel.

Plan a Trip:

The TBMS driver app provides easy access and convenience. Riders can book rides beforehand, making arranging their travel easy and preventing last-minute problems.

Features that Save Time:

Every second matters. Our time-saving tools, which maximize driver productivity and reduce wait times, guarantee that passengers arrive at their destinations promptly and efficiently. These features include automatic dispatching and optimized routes.

Numerous Car Options:

Having options is essential. Whether traveling alone or in a group, customers using our platform can select from various vehicle options to fit their needs, guaranteeing a comfortable and customized experience for each passenger.

With these extraordinary highlights, TBMS LIVE is changing the game in Dubai's taxi industry. Join us in furnishing travelers throughout the city with unequaled accommodation, well-being, and reliability. Continue with affirmation, understanding that you have the assets and help expected to prevail in the relentless climate of Dubai's transportation area.

Advance Your Fleet Management: Discover the Potential of TBMS Live's Reporting and Dispatch System

At TBMS Live, efficient fleet management is the key to a profitable taxi business. Taxi cab dispatch system is pleased to provide you with the most advanced dispatch system and reporting capabilities, giving you unmatched control and performance insight into your fleet.

Our Cab dispatch system is a complete solution that maximizes every facet of your business, not just a tool for allocating rides. By utilizing sophisticated algorithms and instantaneous data analysis, TBMS Live guarantees optimal fleet performance by reducing idle time and optimizing driver output. We don't stop there, though. Our reporting tools can provide detailed insights into customer satisfaction, vehicle usage, and driver performance indicators. By utilizing customizable dashboards and comprehensive reports, you can monitor patterns, pinpoint opportunities for enhancement, and make well-informed choices to propel your enterprise ahead. TBMS Live is your reliable fleet management partner, regardless of the size of your company. Become one of the many pleased customers who have witnessed the revolutionary potential of our reporting tools and dispatch system. In the quick-paced world of taxi services, you can outperform the competition and advance your fleet management with TBMS Live at your side.

Taxi Despatch Software UAE

TBMS Live is transforming the taxi industry in Dubai.

Dubai's taxi industry faces particular difficulties in the constantly changing global economy. TBMS Live provides a game-changing solution to tackle these issues head-on and raise the bar for service. Our cutting-edge taxi dispatch software is designed to specifically address the demands of the taxi sector in Dubai, boosting productivity, client happiness, and market advantage

Enhanced Performance for Dubai's Metropolitan Roads

The dynamic dispatching and real-time tracking features of TBMS Live enable taxi operators in Dubai to quickly negotiate the busy city streets and promptly respond to customer requests. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees timely and trustworthy service even during the busiest hours. Furthermore, our system offers clever routing algorithms that optimize driving routes, reducing fuel expenses and trip time. Improved capabilities for driver communication allow dispatchers and drivers to collaborate seamlessly, increasing overall operational efficiency.

Encouraging Decision-Making with Expert Analytics

Due to the logistical difficulties and Dubai's varied geography, wise decisions are necessary. Thanks to TBMS Live's advanced analytics and reporting features, taxi operators can make well-informed decisions, plan routes more efficiently, and serve customers throughout the city with maximum efficiency. Furthermore, taxi operators in Dubai can deploy resources more efficiently and anticipate peak hours because of our predictive analytics capabilities, which use previous data to estimate demand trends. Actionable insights are provided by real-time dashboards, allowing for prompt modifications to operational plans as needed.

Maintaining Competition in the Market in Dubai

Preserving competitiveness is essential in Dubai's congested taxi industry. TBMS Live offers integrated payment processing and adaptive pricing options to ensure ease for customers and operators, including customized solutions like taxi dispatch system rates in the UAE. Additionally, our platform provides promotional tools and personalized loyalty programs to assist taxi firms in Dubai in drawing in and keeping clients. With the help of advanced reporting tools, organizations may measure performance metrics and make data-driven choices to stay ahead of the competition.

Smooth Travel Experience in Dubai

Passengers visiting Dubai for business or pleasure can be assured of a smooth and customized experience with TBMS Live's live customer communication and customizable booking choices. Our platform taxi dispatching system guarantees passenger happiness throughout every voyage and improves Dubai's standing as a top travel destination. Additionally, passengers can submit real-time reviews and ratings using our customer feedback management system, which promotes constant service quality improvement. Dubai's taxi services' reach is increased by integration with well-known ride-hailing applications and travel platforms, improving accessibility for both locals and visitors.

Solutions that Are Scalable for Dubai's Taxi Operators

A scalable and adaptable taxi dispatch software, TBMS Live adjusts to Dubai's quickly shifting industrial landscape. Our technology taxi dispatching system helps taxi operators of all sizes, from small startups to huge fleets, facilitate growth and success in the ever-changing Dubai market. Furthermore, the smooth scalability guaranteed by our terms dispatch lets taxi companies in Dubai grow without worrying about infrastructure limitations. Role-based access controls and customizable workflows improve team cooperation and streamline processes, increasing productivity and efficiency.


TBMS Live optimizes dispatching, tracks vehicles in real-time, delivers smooth booking experiences for passengers, and includes services like ride scheduling and simple payment alternatives to improve your taxi company's efficiency and client happiness.

TBMS Live ensures a seamless user experience with its user-friendly interface and simple onboarding procedure for drivers and passengers.

Absolutely! With the help of the Backend Admin Panel and mobile apps, you may customize TBMS Live to meet your unique needs by accessing the source code.

TBMS Live includes:
  • An SOS button for emergencies.
  • Real-time tracking for increased security.
  • Customer ratings and reviews for accountability and transparency.

Cash and credit/debit cards are only a couple of the payment methods that TBMS Live accepts, giving customers easy and quick ways to make payments.

TBMS Live offers 24/7 help with any questions, problems, or concerns, and users will receive dependable and prompt service.