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Innovation and efficiency are necessary in the highly competitive taxi sector. TBMS is helpful in this situation. The revolutionary cloud-based cab dispatch system known as TBMS, or Taxi Business Management System, is built to grow your taxi company into the future. The days of confusing manual scheduling and fragmented operations are long gone. Your business is streamlined with TBMS, from booking to management and beyond. With our software's revolutionary efficiency, you can respond faster than ever to client demands with automatic dispatching, real-time tracking, and efficient routing algorithms.

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Why Opt for Software for Taxi Dispatch?

Success in the quick-paced transportation industry depends on efficiency and dependability. Astute proprietors of taxi businesses resort to taxi dispatch software to cut costs and maintain an advantage over rivals. Selecting taxi dispatch software can revolutionize your business for the following reasons, to name just a few:

Increased Efficiency

Taxi dispatch software offers enhanced efficiency by automating time-intensive processes like scheduling, routing, and dispatching. It eliminates human errors while saving valuable time and ensuring smooth operations

Competitive Advantage

Success in today's cutthroat economy depends on exceptional service. Investing in a taxi cab dispatch system might help you stand out and attract more clients for your company.


Taxi dispatch software can expand as your fleet or business does, meeting all your scalability needs regardless of size or scope. Your software package can easily incorporate additional drivers, vehicles and features as your company expands, guaranteeing it can meet future demand for years

Better Customer Service

The cab dispatch system can assist your clients by offering features like automated notifications, rapid booking confirmations, and user-friendly interactive booking interfaces. It provides superior service that encourages repeat business.

Cost Savings

Taxi dispatch software reduces overhead expenses and improves profitability by automating many daily tasks, saving money on gas expenses and maintenance. Furthermore, fuel-efficient driving can save significant sums over time, and optimized routing can save even more money on car maintenance expenses.

Real-Time Tracking

Taxi dispatch software allows you to monitor drivers in real-time, allowing accurate ETA estimates and route optimization. It ensures optimal efficiency and client satisfaction. Keeping an eye on this data gives you an advantage when making data-driven decisions to improve operations or expand clientele bases.

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Stay competitive, attract new customers and automate bookings with your very own passenger apps.

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Offer your drivers more ways to accept jobs, with all the tools needed to keep them happy and productive.

More booking channels
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Attract corporate customers acquire new contracts and increase your online presence with new booking platforms.

Dispatch has never been
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Track drivers in real time fairly distribute jobs and use your own VoIP service for Caller ID recognition right from your PC.

Monitor the pulse
of your business

Manage your company online with analytics tools, custom reports and replay functions to track vehicle routes.

The Way TBMS LIVE Advances Your Enterprise

Successful taxi services depend on staying ahead of the game in an ever-evolving marketplace, so we designed TBMS LIVE as an innovative upgrade of our Taxi Business Management System (TBMS) to help expand your company to new heights. It can do this through features like real-time analytics and tracking of drivers, changing operations across your fleet through GPS mapping services, and providing access to real-time financial reporting tools - these features and many others TBMS LIVE can improve operations across any aspect of business in ways such as these!

Real-Time Insights

The cab dispatch system gives you real-time information on every facet of your company. You can track your drivers' whereabouts and see customer demand trends. With the data at your fingertips, you can make well-informed decisions and quickly enhance your operations

Dynamic Dispatching

TBMS LIVE's dynamic taxi cab dispatch system makes dispatching effortless. Each ride is assigned to its most suitable driver in real time, reducing wait times while optimizing efficiency. Our dynamic system also considers driver availability, traffic conditions, and client preferences when assigning rides to drivers.

Improved Client Experience

With a taxi dispatching system, your consumers can have an exceptional client experience from beginning to end - delighting them with features like live monitoring, anticipated time of arrival (ATA) notifications, and seamless communication between drivers and passengers.

Improved Operations

With a taxi dispatching system, you can streamline processes to increase operational efficiencies and achieve maximum company productivity. Taking proactive steps to address workflow bottlenecks or inefficiencies as soon as they arise will guarantee maximum operational efficiencies and success for any organization.

Versatile Valuing

With its versatile evaluating highlight, TBMS LIVE immediately adjusts costs given factors like interest, the season of day or extraordinary events - possibly expanding income potential while residual expense serious inside a steadily developing commercial centre.

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  • Backed up on several servers with Backup export facility
  • No contract
  • Free Operator App on Android and iPhone
  • Free Driver App for iPhone & Android drivers
  • Comprehensive Account customer invoicing, full system reporting and driver calculation sheets
  • No hardware to use the web system, log in from anywhere
  • Caller id features with an additional hardware

TBMS Live Taxi Dispatch Software's salient features

Having the appropriate tools at your disposal might make all the difference in today's cutthroat taxi industry. The extensive feature of the taxi dispatch system provided by TBMS Live is intended to improve customer happiness, expedite operations, and spur company expansion. Let's examine each salient point in more detail:

Real-time tracking and monitoring

The taxi dispatch system TBMS gives you unmatched insight into each vehicle in your fleet's location and condition. You can locate each driver's exact location with real-time tracking and monitoring, guaranteeing effective dispatching and resource allocation. Whether replying to client inquiries or rerouting drivers to avoid gridlock, TBMS Live allows you to make wise decisions quickly, enhancing your overall operational effectiveness.

Dynamic Scheduling

The dynamic dispatching system is the brains behind TBMS Live. It uses real-time intelligence to match ride requests with the best drivers. TBMS Live guarantees that rides are allocated quickly and effectively, reducing passenger wait times and optimizing drivers' earning potential by considering factors including driver proximity, availability, and past performance. With this advanced dispatching system, you can maximize fleet productivity and provide a flawless client experience

Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

At TBMS Live's core lies an adequate cloud infrastructure which ensures continuous scalability, security, and availability around the clock - this guarantees business continuity and peace of mind by giving access to data hosted on secure servers with redundant backup and failover procedures; any device with internet connectivity can use cloud technology to connect with it anywhere at any time; so no matter where life leads you TBMS Live makes the business operations connected

Real-time Customer Communication

Effective communication creates an exceptional customer experience. TBMS Live allows drivers and passengers to stay in constant touch at all times during a trip with real-time updates of driver whereabouts, estimated arrival time (ETA), and trip-related information such as in-app messaging that allows direct dialogue between passengers and drivers directly, encouraging efficient coordination while solving potential problems efficiently - ultimately creating more satisfied and loyal clients!

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

With TBMS Live's advanced analytics and reporting features, you can learn abundant information about your company's success. Track essential details such as ride counts, driver usage rates, and customer feedback reviews to recognize trends, seize opportunities, and identify areas for improvement. While comprehensive reports offer deeper analyses with practical insights while customizable dashboards quickly access KPIs, using data as the foundation of decision-making will increase productivity while streamlining processes to increase profits.

Adaptive Pricing Options

The taxi management system allows you to maximize your pricing strategy with various adaptable pricing options. You may optimize income potential and maintain market competitiveness by dynamically modifying fares in response to variables like demand, time of day, and special events. By enabling you to adapt to shifting market conditions and client preferences, such as by introducing surge pricing during peak hours or providing discounted rates during off-peak times, TBMS Live increases your company's profitability.

Driver Management and Performance Monitoring

Keeping an accountable, compliant, diversified fleet of drivers in place calls for effective performance monitoring systems. You can efficiently oversee all facets of your driver operations from a single platform by using TBMS Live. To find top performers and take proactive measures to solve performance difficulties, track key performance indicators for drivers, such as trip completion rate, customer ratings, and on-time arrival. To guarantee adherence to legal requirements and industry standards, implement safety rules, automate driver assignments, and monitor vehicle maintenance schedules. You can increase service quality, maximize driver efficiency, and create a more dependable and efficient fleet using TBMS Live.

Customizable Booking Alternatives

The taxi dispatch system provides a range of booking alternatives to accommodate your clients' varied needs and interests. For any request—on-demand transportation, prearranged pickup, or regular travel—TBMS Live offers customizable booking choices. Passengers can conveniently schedule rides through the user-friendly website or mobile app by indicating their preferred vehicle type, destination, and desired pickup location. Corporate accounts are supported by TBMS Live for businesses, making it easy for business travellers to book and get billed. TBMS Live's configurable booking options provide your clients individualized attention and ease, increasing their pleasure and loyalty.

Integrated Payment Processing

With our tbms dispatch integrated payment solutions, you can streamline payment processing and improve customer satisfaction. Process payments securely within the app to do away with the requirement for cash transactions and lessen hassles at the point of sale. Allow various payment options, such as digital payment platforms, mobile wallets, and credit cards, to satisfy consumer preferences. With smooth integration with top payment gateways, you can guarantee quick, safe, and easy transactions for drivers and passengers, increasing customer satisfaction and faith in your business.

Flexible and Scalable Platform

TBMS Live is made to grow with your company, whether big or small. With the flexibility to add extra drivers, cars, and services as needed, our platform can fit enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're branching out into new areas or offering your clients cutting-edge services, TBMS Live provides the scalability and flexibility you require to develop and adjust in a sector that is changing quickly. Regardless of your organization's size, you can future-proof your company and beat the competition with TBMS Live.

Simplified Reservation Choices to Make Your Experience Easier Easy

Schedule your Taxi reservations with our TAXI DISPATCH SOFTWARE, which provides a range of channels for your convenience:

1. Easy Online Booking:

Our user-friendly online booking system of taxi cab dispatch system makes it easy to make reservations for your taxi. Sign in, choose your preferred vehicle, and enter your destination to ensure a quick and easy booking procedure. Savour the easy scheduling at any time and location with a taxi dispatching system.

2. Easy Call Scheduling:

Would you rather have a personal touch? When you call our exclusive booking hotline, our polite operators will help you get a taxi as soon as possible. Experience the ease of face-to-face communication with our support staff, guaranteeing a customized encounter every time.

3. Effective Mobile App Booking:

Download our intuitive mobile app to make easy reservations while on the road. Booking a cab from your smartphone is easy and quick with the Tbms driver app, which also offers real-time updates. Easily stay in touch and be in charge of your travels.

4. Email Reservation:

You can select written correspondence by emailing your taxi reservation. Our system will immediately handle your request once your booking details are sent to the specified email address. Take advantage of the ease and flexibility of making reservations via your preferred communication channel.

5. SMS Booking Option:

Use SMS booking to expedite the procedure. Our system will verify your reservation without requiring a call if you only text us your preferences, pickup location, and itinerary. Discover the ease of making reservations with a few phone touches.

6. Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System:

Use our IVR system to make quick reservations. Proceed with the instructions, enter your information, and easily reserve a taxi without human assistance. Utilize our automated technology to expedite the booking process while maintaining precision.

7. Online Booking Portal:

For a thorough booking experience, visit our unique online booking portal. This user-friendly portal allows you to securely manage your settings, track your bookings, and enter your information. Savour the simplicity of conveniently handling all of your reservations in one location.

8. Integration with Business Tools:

Our software's interoperability with various business tools via the taxi management system allows you to easily integrate taxi reservations into your everyday operations. Link to calendar apps, email clients, and other productivity tools to increase productivity. Easily integrate taxi reservations into your current business procedures to streamline your workflow.

Transform Your Taxi Industry Globally with TBMS Live

Taxi companies in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, and UAE confront comparable difficulties in today's global marketplace in increasing customer happiness, optimizing efficiency, and staying one step ahead of the competition. TBMS Live fills that need. Our cutting-edge taxi dispatch software offers a full feature set to maximize fleet management, expedite operations, and provide outstanding passenger service. Tbms dispatch is made to specifically cater to the requirements of taxi companies operating in these varied areas.

Taxi companies in the USA can use TBMS Live's real-time tracking and dynamic dispatching to quickly respond to client requests and easily traverse congested metropolitan streets. Taxi dispatch system UK and Ireland can maintain competitiveness in a crowded market due to TBMS Live's integrated payment processing and adaptive pricing choices, including taxi dispatch system prices UK, which also give customers safe and convenient payment options.

TBMS Live's sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities empower taxi operators in Australia, where long distances and diverse terrain pose logistical issues, to make informed decisions and maximize route planning efficiency. In the meantime, whether passengers are going for business or pleasure, TBMS Live's live customer communication capabilities and configurable booking choices guarantee a seamless and individualized experience in the busy metropolises of the United Arab Emirates. Taxi base management system can expand and adapt in a quickly changing industrial landscape because of TBMS Live's scalable and flexible platform, which supports businesses of all kinds, from small startups to huge fleets, regardless of location.

Taxi companies worldwide, including the cheap taxi dispatch system UK may transform their operations, improve the client experience, and promote long-term growth in the cutthroat taxi industry by selecting TBMS Live. No matter where you operate, see how TBMS Live can revolutionize your taxi base management system by joining the revolution.

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When booking online, you'll typically need to provide your pickup location, desired destination, preferred vehicle type, and any additional preferences you may have, such as specific driver requests or special accommodations.

Absolutely. Our TAXI DISPATCH SOFTWARE allows you to schedule rides in advance. You can specify the date and time for your desired pickup during the booking process.

Our software makes tracking the taxi you've reserved easy. Use the website or mobile app to get up-to-date information on your driver's position and expected arrival time.