Cloud Taxi Dispatch Software

See how TBMSLIVE makes running your transport company simple and easy.

Full Scheduling View Of Our Minicab Dispatch System

List view of all type of job’s i.e. User will be able to set filters to see the progress such complete, deleted etc. User will be able to see the jobs from specific date to specific date. Search booking facility can filter jobs as per search setting and can easily export the jobs to an excel file.

Job Dialog

Job dialog comes with many features.

  • Auto address complete
  • Auto pricing
  • Duplicate and reoccurring jobs
  • Previous booking and job logs

Driver Application On An Iphone And Android

In driver application driver will be able to see the received jobs, also communicate with the operator not just this but also perform other business relates jobs. Driver app has the facility to contact customers via SMS or calling by this application. The app is very efficient and provide tracking facility and with the continuous use of GPS running in the background it will decrease the life of your battery.

Driver will have the facility to contact customers through the app via SMS or with calling feature. The app provides tracking facility and continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Operator Application On An Iphone And Android

The operator app is very well-organized that perform all types of booking tasks not just this but also perform all necessary functions for hiring a Taxi/Chauffeuring business. This user friendly app enables you to access your jobs, reporting, invoice producing, contact information with one-touch access, fast and reliable, job scheduling and other functions at ease.

The app is under constant observation and keeps coming up with improvements in upcoming releases.

Maintain Account

All accounts can be maintained manually from an independent dialog, user can create Accounts separately and then manage as we go along, these account can also be assigned username and password to link with customer websites if required.

From Job dialog if new account is created then they show up automatically on this list.

Configure Plots

System allow tracking, show all yours drivers and their status in real time, you can assign current jobs and even create a schedule for future jobs. You have the facility to send instant messages to drivers, groups or individuals separately.

Driver Update

The shown screen show all the drivers working for your company with Green indicating Clear, Red is for Passenger on board and Grey is meant to show logged out.

Address Search Facility

The address fields are one of the powerhouse feature of TBMSLIVE system, these fields are connected to.